Portrait of nurse and senior woman“All Points Assisted Transportation will not rest until all of my transportation requests, including last minute add-ons, are filled. They come through when others can’t”.
Transportation Coordinator, San Diego, CA

“Their clean vehicles and friendly, professional drivers, gives me confidence that we made the right choice for my Husband”.
Camella D., El Cajon, CA

“I needed a routine medical examination at a local surgery center. The facility staff at the center would not allow me to drive myself home due to the anesthesia used during the procedure. All Points Assisted Transportation was the perfect (and affordable) alternative to imposing upon a friend or relative for drop-off and pick-up”.
Diana W., San Diego, CA

“When it came to a medical procedure that would restore my vision, I procrastinated for years due to the fear of (among other things), scheduling the numerous doctors and surgeon visits that would be necessary. That was until I met the folks at All Points Assisted Transportation. With them, I gained the trust and assurance that gave me confidence to start the months long process that led to my improved outlook on life – literally.”
Dago G., El Cajon, CA

“I want to thank All Points Assisted Transportation, and especially Mark for putting up with my bad attitude at times, especially towards the Super Bowl and the Seattle Seahawks. They picked me up every week to attend rehab treatments for my knee that were very arduous and painful most of the time. There were many days that I just plain didn’t want to go to treatments. But when I thought of cancelling, I knew that I would be letting down my doctors, my family, and my friends at All Points. I hung in there, and made every appointment. Today I feel great, and I am well on the road to recovery.”
“Doc” Feldman, San Diego, CA