NEMT Networks and Brokers

At All Points Assisted Transportation, we constantly strive to exceed the standards set by our NEMT network partners and brokers. Internet and smartphone technology is having a dramatic and positive impact on our efficiency, productivity and customer service. All Points utilizes DispatchBot® software to automatically import trips from major transportation brokers, allowing us to respond faster to maintain an on-time schedule.

We commit to, and comply with all safety, reliability, transparency, efficiency, and quality standards required to be a preferred transportation provider for those agencies and their clients. We take this commitment seriously for the betterment of our industry and service to our customers.

The minimum provider requirements apply at the Company, Driver and Vehicle levels.

Company Requirements Include:

  • No previous history of Medicaid/Medicare fraud or disqualification as a vendor in those programs
  • Must be registered to do business and in good standing with the state and local municipality in which it operates
  • Possession and maintenance of all licenses and certifications required by federal, state, county and local governments
  • Proof of insurance coverage in compliance with federal and/or state statutory requirements.
  • HIPAA compliance training

Driver Requirements Include:

  • Satisfactory driving record
  • Clean criminal record
  • Pass drug testing and finger printing (in selected situations)
  • Complete all required training
  • Code of conduct training
  • Cultural competency training

General Vehicle Requirements Include (but not limited to):

  • Vehicles must be leased or owned by the provider
  • Each vehicle shall be equipped with a two-way communication system
  • Various interior and exterior standards, including safety equipment and signage
  • Specific vehicle requirements depending on the vehicle type. For example, vehicles used to transport wheelchair customers must be in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements in effect at the time the vehicle is manufactured.