Our Mission

Founder’s Message:

As a Medical Transportation Company, we believe our service extends beyond simply transporting an individual from point A to point B…courtesy, timeliness, cleanliness, and safety are absolute basic attributes of any passenger transportation company. At All Points Assisted Transportation, we believe that we are a key contributor in the total healing process. Not to in any way downgrade the the vital health contributions of doctors, prestigious medical facilities, or great insurance companies, but to state the obvious, a patient cannot get well if he cannot, or does not want to, go to the doctor or facility for treatment.

It can be an over-whelming experience when one begins a medical process. This is true whether it requires a single routine check-up or a series of scheduled treatment sessions. The healing process raises numerous doubts and concerns for any person. Concerns regarding insurance coverage, expenses, scheduling, choosing the best doctors and treatment options become incredibly stressful for the individual, and their loved ones as well. Needless to say, an unpleasant experience by a patient with the transportation provider lessens that person’s enthusiasm towards scheduling further appointments and thus jeopardizes a successful outcome. All Points Assisted Transportation believes that getting the patient to and from their medical appointments in a pleasant and efficient manner, but most of all, in such a way that does not contribute to the stress, concern and frustration normally associated with medical treatments.

All Points Assisted Transportation Drivers, Dispatchers, Schedulers, and Customer Service employees pledge to make all trips with us as pleasant and non-stressful as possible. We will take that extra step, which may include something as simple as an appointment confirmation, or accompanying a patient to the destination check-in desk…Whatever it takes to achieve complete satisfaction, we will make the extra effort!

This dedication to service extends to non-medical transportation as well. Our same commitment to service is applied to our passengers who plan to go shopping, complete errands, or those who are just plain getting together with friends and family.